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The Bieber-Fever Never Dies In ‘My Worlds’ Album

Album : My Worlds
Singer : Justin Bieber

A remarkable thing flow out from the charisma of young boy who has 16 years old. No one expected that he could success became a popular singer with only released his first album debut. Amazingly, he creates a Bieber-Fever phenomenon in music young generation or his fans. Do you feel that Bieber-Fever shakes your hear?

Yeah, that boy name is Justin Bieber, who sudden becomes a symbol of pop music teenager in this time. Justin Bieber was transforming himself as superstar that is similar to Taylor Swift with the fantastic of Fearless Album and Milley Cirus in Hannah Montana the Series. My Worlds as his first debut album is containing full of the catchy tracks that can kicks your head after hearing those all. For your info, previously Justin Bieber launched My World as his introduction album. However, after My World sold for many copies, he released again an EP (Extended Album) entitled My World 2.0. Therefore, My Worlds is presented as collection or combination both of them, where released on April 1st, 2010.

Totally, My Worlds dominated by ingredients of Pop and R&B music, so makes this album atmosphere guessed like the collaboration of Aaron Carter and Jojo. Moreover, all lyrics from this album tend to theme of teenagers love story. If we read one of them, we can imagine that likewise a diary of boy who told much more about his feelings with a girl in his age. The boy feelings likewise fall in love, flattery, hopeful, or might be broken. One Time as his first single is very full of R&B style that makes cheerful time. The favorite ones is track entitled Baby which combination of contemporary pop, R&B style, and mixed with Rap by Ludacris. That sound is completely easy listening and the chorus always makes our body shaky. Track ‘Somebody To Love’ is almost similar to ‘Baby’ with up tempo and dance flavor. Different than track Favorite Girl is not only rely on beat composition, but dominate offbeat from synth ornament.

Indeed, most of the song from My Worlds is composited with up-tempo dance such as Bigger, First Dance, and Love Me. Don’t worries! Bieber also sing a medium tempo song such as Never let You Go and One Less Lonely Girl. One Less Lonely Girl becomes his lovely single, which the unique vocal of Bieber is clearly sound romantic in your head. You can find two tracks collaboration of Bieber, beside with Usher. He is featuring with Jessica Jarell to sing a song entitled Overboad, which the song could be perfect smooth to hear. He also collaborated with Sean Kingston in track entitled Eenie Meenie that gives you cheerful impression repeatedly.

Overall, the best point in My Worlds is the unique voice of Bieber. He has childish voice, which sounds as no adult yet; although we know, he is in teenage years phase. His voice really tends to shrill and dizzy. That’s special thing of Bieber could enchanted all of his fans. Even we never know, what will happen for his voice in next 10 or 20 years again? Does he still have that ‘childish’ voice? Forget that question, better for us to join the Bieber-Fever. My Worlds is highly recommended to complete your dance floor music album. Check this one out, guys!

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